Thursday, June 7, 2007

Links to the film, the script, and the manifesto

You can watch Honey at the Internet Archive. I checked it out today, to my amazement, and it has been viewed a thousand times. I have no idea how this stuff happens. (There's a backstory here about Creative Commons and an experiment (Fourth Wall) I didn't have the resources to pull off, but I'll have to tell that another time. Suffice it to say that if any film program out there wants to contact me and use EVERY TAKE of EVERY SHOT, plus sound, in order to teach film editing, they should leave comments below. I'm serious about this--I have all the dv tapes and all the DAT tapes ready to go.)

You can read the entire Honey Script here. That's also released under a Creative Commons license--free for non-commercial use. Do what you will with it. I'm really proud of the script--it's sometimes a bummer when people think it's improvised, but it's actually kind of flattering that the dialogue reads so naturally. My aim while writing it was to have people say almost nothing at all in the text, and have them say almost everything in the subtext. You need great actors to pull that off, which I obviously had.

You can also download the Honey Manifesto here, but I'm going to put it up as a separate post in a second. I'll explain what I was thinking when I wrote it then. There's a spoiler about the film, so don't read it if you don't want to have it be spoiled. Also, it's interesting to me to go back to it--my opinions about some things have changed (I'm extremely happily married now and have 2 kids), while my opinions about others haven't (my impatience with desensitizating, crudely-drawn, stereotyping art (and politics)).


Andre said...

Hello David,

My name is Andre Puca and I recently watched Honey at the Harvard Film Archive. I met you there and we spoke briefly. Your film was one of my favorites. You mentioned you'd be willing to send me a copy of your film if I sent you a self-addressed envelope with the postage already paid. Is your offer still good? Thanks.


Andre said...


I forgot to give you my email address:
Thanks again.